04 September 2013

Do Aries and Libras get along?

I was asked; do Aries and Libra get along? 

The truth is the connection between Aries and Libra is amazing when good and extremely challenging when bad. Yes...they possess energies that are liable to tangle or knot if understandings cannot be reached.

The impetuous and fast-paced approach to projects employed by Aries may conflict with Libra's more balanced and intellectual approach. 

In short, Aries and Libra getting along is all about balance and if this can be achieved, the relationship could go a very long way.

Here are points to consider in Aries and Libras getting along:

Aries and Libra is capable of bringing to a love relationship what the other is missing and can make for a truly magnificent balance.

Both partners will want to be in charge, but Aries is liable to use force and, on occasion, intimidation to get what he or she desires, whereas Libra will employ charm and, on occasion, manipulation. Thus, compromise is essential to the health of this union.

However, diplomatic Libra has a much easier time adapting to compromise that does his or her Aries partner, who strongly dislikes yielding to another person and views it as submission. Therefore, the Libra individual may have to give in more often to the wishes of Aries in order to maintain the peace that Libra natives cherish so dearly. 

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