20 May 2013

See Physical Characteristics of Aries

About physical characteristics of Aries, you will see all the defining physical features of all born under Aries Zodiac Sign. Arians tend to have pointed but regular features with a prominent forehead, suggestive of the horns of the Ram...this Sign's Zodiac symbol. There will likely be bumps, moles or warts on some part of the head, face or body, and the fingers of Aries subjects are usually too thick for finely detailed handiwork.

Actually, there are two types of people born under the jurisdiction of Aries. Here are physical characteristics of both:

Physical characteristics of first type of Aries

The first type is tall (or at least above average in height) with broad shoulders, a strong, well-proportioned body, and elongated face. Although the frame of such an Aries subject is powerful, being muscular, sinewy and large-boned in appearance, some Aries natives of this type are inclined to be more slender in build. The forehead is usually pronounced, being high, broad and well-rounded.

The complexion is customarily fair and the hair normally dark or sandy in color. These Aries natives will most likely be drawn to pursuits of an intellectual nature. Being extremely generous, this Aries type is continually seeking to do good to others but tends to be careless in discriminating between worthy and unworthy objects of charity...thus, he or she is unlikely to amass wealth as easily as the Aries subjects of shorter stature.

Physical characteristics of Second type of Aries

The second type of Aries native is short and of robust build, usually with dark hair (tending toward redness) and a swarthy, coarse, open-pored complexion which may best be described as "leathery."

Such individuals possess excellent business ability and are prolific money-makers, particularly successful in all commercial areas. Somewhat headstrong, these Aries subjects are impatient of restraint or criticism and utterly heedless of advice.

Common Physical Characteristics of tall and short Aries

While there are differences of temperament between the tall and short Aries natives, all are subject to the same mental influences and many characteristics are common to both types.

For example, the countenance will indicate a strong perceptive faculty. The eyes (often grey to greenish-brown in color) will be clear, steady and penetrating, indicating a sharpness of sight.

The eyebrows tend to be heavy and close-knit, seeming to join with the bridge of the nose to form a "T," while the end of the nose itself is often bulbous or button-shaped, appearing to somehow stand out from (or not to "blend" with) the rest of the face.

The teeth are inclined to be even and symmetrical, if somewhat on the large side. It is not unusual for Aries individuals to bend forward slightly when they walk, "leading themselves by the horns" so to speak, as if in search of a sparring partner.


Despite these apparent mean-looking features, most Aries subjects are rather attractive, especially in the face (which is, indeed, their strong point). Many females possess the definitive jaw line and accentuated cheekbones suggestive of the classical facial lines of a model. Many males possess an Adam's apple which protrudes more than what would be considered normal.

The hair of both males and females is usually healthy with plenty of shine and may be quite wiry in texture, tending toward crispness or waviness...it is also inclined to grow upward and backward.

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  1. quite true of a aries woman,greeny brown eyes,quite a tanned complection,button nose,high cheekbones,high eyebrows,not joined at the middle though,im quite small in height but very toned and slim


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