10 December 2017

Moon In Taurus

In general, those with the Moon in Taurus are, in a word, conservative. They tend to fear anything outside the norm. However, they are deeply moved by things of beauty.

Totally lacking in impulsive behavior, such individuals strive for success in a conservative manner and by investing much hard work into the process.

Nevertheless, those with the Moon in Taurus tend to attract good company and usually end up with more than their fair share of wealth. Also, Moon in Taurus individual possesses a sharp artistic sense but is deliberate in reaching decisions.

He or she tends not to be aggressive but instead, is rather good-natured, accenting the need for security and the necessity of saving for "a rainy day." However, this person may also be prideful, stubborn and jealous.

Here are other features and characteristics of Moon in Taurus persons:

Devotion to career and vocation

In fact, no matter what type of work these individuals undertake, they will usually receive a financial reward in the end...even if the vocation is not considered by others to be worthy of the individual's abilities or standing in the community. Neither of which usually bothers those governed by the Moon in Taurus, whose occupation is often surrounded by something of an aura of mystery in any event.

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09 December 2017

Moon In Scorpio

The personality of those whose Moon sign is in Scorpio may be one which harbors a feeling of misunderstanding by others.  Fighters by nature, those ruled by the Scorpio Moon are usually hot-tempered and stand alone in their battles. They fight with assurance and confidence. However, there is a tendency for such people to bring out in them the very things they are fighting against.

Looking at it, the Scorpio Moon is a mysterious Moon. This Moon is strongly motivated by feelings while remaining most adept at hiding true emotions. It is a Moon of great willpower and good judgment, but one which never forgets a good or bad deed.

The Scorpio Moon is one of the more difficult Moons, often having to face and conquer more obstacles than the other Moons. It is prone to aggressive and dominating behavior in addition to being willful and stubborn. The Scorpio Moon possesses strong beliefs which will likely be expressed in a passionate manner. 

This Moon is one of secrecy and personal independence coupled with heightened intuitive and psychic abilities. However, the Scorpio Moon can be jealous and distrustful, believing that the sharing of feelings leads to vulnerability.

Here are characteristics and features of Moon in Scorpio persons:

Full of energy with a tendency to express themselves in a rather blunt manner

Persons governed by the Moon in Scorpio will be full of energy with a tendency to express themselves in a rather blunt manner. While such individuals might declare they are "okay with change," it is a somewhat different story inside and they are actually quite conservative, resisting change...particularly any change which is forced upon them. When such people do change their minds on an idea, they fully stand behind it and help to implement the change.

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Moon In Sagittarius

The personality of those whose Moon sign is in Sagittarius will absolutely adore the great outdoors. There is an immense love for the feeling of freedom here.

Others perceive Sagittarius Moon individuals as active with a fondness for travel and sports...not to mention the air of joviality (derived from Jove or Jupiter, the Ruling Planet of Sagittarius). However, when such individuals are not outside, they often appear restless in every sense of the word...physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally.

Actually, the Sagittarius Moon is a clear-thinking and quick-minded Moon. This Moon will set goals and have no problem in attaining them. However, there is a tendency to overspend because of the overwhelming belief that things are there to be bought and enjoyed.

Basically, this is a charming Moon with a deep love of travel. It is also spontaneous, freedom-loving and optimistic. The Sagittarius Moon prefers not to be tied down and, by nature, is a kind and gentle Moon. This Moon has a deep desire to learn and pursue intellectual activities.

Here are other characteristics and features of Moon in Sagittarius persons:

Such individuals say whatever is on their minds, put simply and in a rather blunt manner

These are people who act first and think later, a trait which is usually most apparent….and harmful...during conversation. Such individuals say whatever is on their minds, put simply and in a rather blunt manner. In short, they are far from diplomatic and should avoid careers where diplomacy is a must. Indeed, with regard to occupations as a whole, there is a tendency to change employment frequently or have more than one vocation.

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Moon In Pisces

The personality of those whose Moon sign is in Pisces indicates a character driven by emotions. Whatever appeals to these persons will attract them...music, literature or poetry, for example.

These are individuals who change their minds very easily and to others, will sometimes give the impression of unreliability. When the "going gets tough" those ruled by a Pisces Moon will become discouraged. They adore change and any form of routine seems to literally drain the life from these persons.

Looking at it, the Pisces Moon is a sensitive and creative Moon, being artistic, intuitive and most probably psychic. This Moon is most assuredly a dreamer. The Pisces Moon keeps emotions hidden, although the inherent extreme sensitivity makes this Moon sympathetic to the plight of the less fortunate and may lead to community service. The Pisces Moon feels all things deeply.

Here are other features and characteristics of Moon in Pisces persons:

Easygoing nature and tendency toward shyness

There is an easygoing nature here, but there is also a tendency toward shyness. Overall, the Pisces Moon is not perceived to be a favorable influence, often associated with glandular problems and obesity. On the outside, those governed by this Moon appear to be quite happy, but inwardly there is frequently depression and even a distinct lack of a sense of humor. At some time during the life of those who fall under the jurisdiction of the Moon in Pisces, hospitals, prisons or some other type of institution is almost certain to play an important role in some fashion.

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08 December 2017

Moon In Libra

Moon in Libra is the most artistic of the Moons. This Moon will do anything in order to avoid a conflict (and, in fact, all general unpleasantness), but needs to learn how to handle such conflicts and be aware that facing a problem head-on in the best method of dealing with it.

The Libra Moon possesses exquisite taste and is a coordinating expert. This is a charming Moon with a gentle and peace-loving nature which desires a harmonious environment in beautiful surroundings.

This Moon finds crude behavior, poor manners and foul language exceedingly offensive. Moon in Libra prefers shared rather than solitary experiences.

Here are other notable features and personality of Moon in Libra individuals:

Sociable, attracted to people and situations that present a sense of balance

In general, the personality of those whose Moon sign is in Libra produces an individual who likes to make friends. These are very sociable souls who are attracted to people and situations that present a sense of balance. Those governed by the Libra Moon look for partnerships in all aspects of life...love, business and friendships.

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Moon In Leo

In general, the personality of those whose Moon sign is in Leo will be strong, proud and courageous by nature, exuding energy and drive. Such individuals relish responsibility and may be prone to take on too much.

Looking at it, the Leo Moon is an intelligent and strongly emotional Moon. This Moon marches to the beat of its own drummer and relishes being the center of attention.

The Leo Moon is an exceedingly charming Moon with an exceptional sense of humor. It is a leader, not a follower.

However, this Moon possesses a dramatic flair and tends to take itself too seriously. The Leo Moon is not by nature a self-sacrificing Moon.

Here are other characteristics and features of Moon in Leo Persons:

Attraction to authority and being in the public eye

There is a natural attraction to authority here, coupled with enjoyment of being in the public eye. Persons governed by the Moon in Leo would much rather lead than follow and inherent pride makes them most susceptible to love affairs.

Attract attention and respect

The opposite sex finds this individual extremely interesting because of the frequency and sincerity of such affairs. The actions of those ruled by the Leo Moon attract the attention and respect of superiors within the workplace, which can mean only good things as far as any career is concerned.

Usually encouraging, optimistic and generous

Such individuals are usually encouraging souls, optimistic and generous with money...sometimes a little too much so, which also applies to the display of affection. Nothing is ever done in half-measures by Leo Moon people and they are prone to set high standards, both on a personal level and for others.

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Moon In Gemini

Those with the Moon in Gemini like to exercise both body and mind. Their time is usually divided between studying and socializing. They may live in more than one place or change residence quite often.In short, these individuals like to move around.

The fact is; the Gemini Moon is an intuitive Moon...a rapid learner operating on a mental plane. This is a rather charming Moon with magnificent speaking and writing talents.

This Moon struggles to maintain independence and tends to be high-strung...at times, a restless and somewhat confusing combination.However, the swift mental activity of the inherent Gemini character coupled with the emotionalism of the Moon causes feelings to be held in too much scrutiny.

The Gemini Moon expresses emotions in an uneven and inconsistent manner while harboring a direct need to speak the truth.

Here are other characteristics and features of  Moon in Gemini personalities:

Generally attracted to the literary and the scientific

The Moon in Gemini is excellent in terms of intellect and those who fall under its jurisdiction are inevitably attracted to the literary and the scientific, which tends to indicate that the chosen vocation will also be somewhat intellectual...writer, teacher, journalist or scientist, etc. However, the influence of Gemini usually leads to the changing of careers as often as it leads to the changing of residence. Gemini's theme will continue through the life of this individual...he or she may be ambidextrous and will probably find it easy to do two things at once.

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Moon In Capricorn

The personality of those whose Moon sign is in Capricorn was born to be in a position of authority. This comes naturally to such people and could bring either fame or notoriety. Either way, a certain amount of celebrity is almost certainly guaranteed for those governed by a Capricorn Moon.

If such individuals focus on their ambitions, employing dedication and a strong work ethic, then the public eye will eventually come to view them as prominent and well-respected.

Actually, the Capricorn Moon is an unemotional Moon, rarely exhibiting feelings in an outward manner. This is not really surprising, given that Capricorn sits in direct opposition to the Moon. Since the Moon itself is representative of emotions, this causes hindrances to the achievement of happiness within the Capricorn Moon.

Thus, this is a difficult Moon placement as inherent energies are in conflict. Nonetheless, the Capricorn Moon is ambitious and eager to learn, usually putting such knowledge to excellent use. This is a self-sufficient Moon which has difficulty in expressing spontaneous emotions. It is conservative, competitive and rigid regarding feelings.

This Moon desires control...ambitious thoughts being the driving force...and material success is extremely important. The Capricorn Moon invariably displays a cool exterior and is very difficult to predict.

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07 December 2017

Moon In Cancer

The personality of those whose Moon sign is in Cancer will be very similar to those individuals whose Moon sign is in Taurus. Both combinations are very fond of relaxation and satisfaction.

However, those individuals with Cancer as their Moon sign are different in that they lack the stability and/or stubborn character provided by Taurus (unless, of course, the person in question happens to have Taurus as his or her Sun sign).

Looking at it, the Cancer Moon is a sensitive, patient and devoted Moon. This Moon possesses literary and/or artistic abilities coupled with a sharp memory. The Cancer Moon learns and expresses everything through emotions and harbors a strong desire to be a nurturer.

This Moon is likely to have heightened psychic abilities, although life itself is lived within a series of mood swings. The Cancer Moon is prone to the expression of insecurities in a smothering, possessive and/or jealous manner.

Here other characteristics and features of Moon in Cancer personalities:

An emotional character whose surroundings play a large role in his or her mood

The personality of the Moon in Cancer subject is rather supple and flexible. This will be an emotional character whose surroundings play a large role in his or her mood. When individuals with the Moon in Cancer are at home, or some other comfortable place, they can be quite sociable, friendly and charitable. However, when the environment proves to be less comforting, they tend to hide themselves.

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Moon In Aries

Those with the Moon in Aries are likely to be spontaneous and excitable. Such individuals are also militantly hostile in their expression of anger and maybe be prone to periods of irritability.

Looking at it, the Aries Moon is an unstable and uncomfortable Moon, since Aries is a Fire Sign and the Moon rules Cancer, a Water Sign. This is a gregarious, generous and optimistic Moon, where opinions are decisive and forceful.

The Aries Moon is also a high-strung and controlling Moon, as well as being spontaneous, energetic, friendly and honest.

It suggests an aggressive attitude, quick temper, impulsiveness and brutally forthright behavior...the tendency to act through emotion rather than reason. The attitude of the Aries Moon is restless and risk-taking.

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